An Interview with David Bukovza.

AWDA: If you don’t know him by name, then you will surely recognize his car. Yes, it’s a Subaru. Not just any Subaru, but the elusive 2 door GC8 rSTi.

Hello David, thanks for taking the time to speak with AWD Army about your awesome automobile.

We think we can speak for everyone when we say, we LOVE it. It was just reposted on the internet on another group online, what was the name of it again?

D.B.: Thanks a lot, much appreciated.. It was just posted on the group “Tuned Cars”
AWDA: How does it feel knowing that your car is getting passed around the airwaves like an outdated chain letter?

D.B.: It feels very good, it makes me feel like the crowd approves what I have accomplished. Something that many people dream to do.
It is also a good indication that I am headed in the right direction when I receive positive feedback like that.
AWDA: Take us back to the day when you first laid eyes on this machine. What was your first thought and plan of action?

D.B.: This car was an internet queen way before I owned it. I remember drooling over it, but I had just gotten my blobeye and loved it a lot. 4 years later I saw it for sale and offered my blobeye as a trade plus cash on the GC8 owners end. When he said yes, I added like 20 webpages to my favorites for the parts I’m going to buy, haha. I have owned the RSTi for 2 years now.
Plans are big and cost a lot, but in no time I’ll finish the power band and exterior changes to her.
AWDA.: Did you know at the time that this ride will be prized by car enthusiasts all over the globe?

D.B.: Yes I did but I didn’t know how much and it’s amazing and feels great.

AWDA: Name your top 5 vehicles that you want in your AWD Garage, yours not being one of them.

D.B.: Well I have a list but I think it’ll remain a list lol.
1)R34 GTR
2)Classic Audi Quattro UR.
3)Original Subaru 22B
4)Lancer Delta EVO2
5)Ford Escort Cosworth.
That’s a dream garage, ain’t it?

AWDA: Do people randomly message you about your vehicle? Or stop you and hope for a conversation? Maybe even to sit in the captain’s seat?

D.B.: Yes, definitely. On the web I get a lot of messages regarding mods and just to compliment it.

At meets I get a lot of compliments, and if a person wants to sit or even start the car and rev a little I’m an open minded easy going guy so I’ll let them no questions asked.

AWDA: Specs; tell us what you want us to know about the vehicle. 0-60? Dyno sheets?

D.B.: I have some numbers, no problem.
As for now the power is mild at 400whp on the stock 04 STi engine.
I’m having IAG build a closed deck block with built heads.
The turbo setup is from FullRace and equipped with GT35R turbo.
I have the 6 speed STI transmission.
Also a 6 piston Brembo brakes in the front.

The car is currently under construction with a great parts list. I don’t have a 0-60 time but I’ll tell you that I beat a GTR R35 stage 2 on the strip.
AWDA: What’s the fastest you’ve taken it?

D.B. : The fastest so far at night time was 150mph.
AWDA: If you could race anyone on the AWD Army, who would it be?

D.B.: I don’t have a particular individual or car I would single out for a race, but I definitely would not turn down any opportunity for a friendly race, that’s what this car is built for.
AWDA: Shout outs to any friends on the Army?

D.B.: Shout out to my good friend and fellow Subie owner, Shahar Sherman, who is responsible for the photos that have gone so viral and have even made it to this page’s cover photo!
AWDA: Why do you love AWD?

D.B.: First, I love Subaru. Second, the system making the car so stable and the feel of a powerful AWD Subaru is something that makes you smile every time you take a corner, driving in the rain or launch the car. Every car should be AWD in my opinion.



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