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It’s customary to wave hello, “chuck the deuce” or give a head nod to someone you want to acknowledge. Whether it’s someone driving the same make or model as you, or perhaps someone that has a completely different style car but… be an All-Wheel Drive vehicle. If you are driving a Nissan, Audi, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Ford, Dodge, Subaru, Saab, Eagle, Lamborghini, Porsche, or Honda (please excuse us if we left you out), you are part of an unknown family until….you are part of the AWD Army.

Every single day, more and more individuals become members of our growing group that we are seeing new styles of rides popping up on our feed every minute of the day. And we love it! Sure, sometimes we mix love and hate into a whirlwind that can take the topic to a realm that ends up being yesterday’s gossip which is never pretty and ultimately petty. We show some sort of respect or admiration to a particular ride to the point that we ask “Are you on here”?

What wing is this? What wheels are those? Where did you get that hood? Part out? We are all revolving around the same passion and energy that feeds us every single day. Our car. Our grocery getter. Our daily. Our race-car. Our baby getter. My friends ride. My future ride. His ride. Her ride. Guess what? It’s all love for cars. Don’t forget that when talking to someone else about their ride. It’s their love, it’s their passion, it’s their dream, and it’s their nightmare!

We all love cars. We all started somewhere and we all end up in the same place. Let’s keep this group growing at the same rate that we grow which should be for the better…

-Marc Fernandez

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