10 enVIous Questions for KJL.

Vehicle: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI
Driver: Kieran James Linsdell

AWDA: Kieran, thanks for sitting down with us and discussing your Evo VI. It is an amazing machine, no doubt about it. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Where did you grow up? How old were you when you got into cars?

KJL: Born in Bournemouth England, raised and currently living in Canada, manitoba. 24 years old, still live at home with my parents and have been a semi mechanic for 3.5 years.

Well like alot of people the fast and the furious movies where a big inspiration but even before that I would modify my model Cars. But got my first car at age 17

AWDA: What was your first ride?

KJL: My first car was a 1999 acura integra at the time had no idea about cars or how to work on them. And I was all about Hondas at the time after my integra I picked up a 89 civic hatch with a b18b1 swap and that’s the car I started learning things on I even painted it my self.

AWDA: Honda’s are a lot of fun because there are literally tons of aftermarket parts to make them fast. Tell us about the moment you laid hands on your Mitsubishi. How old were you? What was going through your mind?

KJL: Oh yeah for sure. As much as I like Hondas the first time I drove a awd turbo car I knew from then on I would never have another fwd car.. after my civic I picked up a 95 subaru wrx and fell in love with the hole awd turbo rhd. And then I sold that decided I wanted somthing newer so I picked up a 06 sti and no my parents haven’t helped or payed for anything I’ve done with cars so it’s that much better of a feeling. After beating on the sti sold it and decided it was time for a evo. And I missed rhd so I wanted to import one. i contacted brian in Calgary at Bpro and started the long process of finding and importing a clean white evo 6. It took about 3 months and was worth every minute I waited. I picked it up at the unloading compound in winnipeg and was speechless seeing it in person and at the time there was only 1 other evo 6’s in manitoba

I was 22 when I got the evo

AWDA: That’s an awesome list to have, props for all the hard work. What have you done to the car so far? Or is it a daily?

KJL: Haha it is indeed my daily but I also use it for everything. I’ve done 1/4 drag, autocross and hotlaps around are local track. And I drive it to and from the track. It came in with blown front struts but I had orderd hsd coilovers before I even got the car so luckily I had that coverd. Then I did a exedy hd twin disk I got a crazy deal on I couldn’t pass up. I have a 98/99 raliart tune I got online running 22 psi with full 3″ turbo back exhaust. And a cone filter with hks bov the rest is pretty much stock other than wheels and a sparco wheel

AWDA: That’s one versatile automobile if we’ve ever seen one. Mitsubishi focused on engine durability with the VI and it shows. Tell us about the atmosphere on the streets. Is everyone and their mother trying to test the power under the hood?

KJL: Well we have are small group of guys that will go out racing on a dead road but once people get word that your car is out here beating everything every one wants to race you or is scared

AWDA: And that’s how it should be! Keep it off the main roads! Do you have any track times? AWDArmy just posted their quarter mile times… we know you are new but, have you considered posting your times? What do you think you run or what do you run?

KJL: I did about 20 passes last month, I had removed 120 pounds for better power to weight no dyno numbers yet but my best time was a 12.4 at 107 mph

AWDA: Where do you envision yourself being at? Everyone wants to be the quickest, what’s your speed limit set to if you don’t mind us asking?

KJL: Well if I decide to keep the car I plan on doing a few more bolt ons and a propper tune and hope for mid 11s on street tires amd stock turbo. I’d like to be the guy who maxed out his stock turbo and did 11s. And from japan it was 180 km. But it’s so easy to tune a evo 5 and up with a tactrix 2.0 it now has no limiter. But the short gear ratio best it could do is probably 230-240 before it hits rev limitor

AWDA: Sounds like a true gear head… We approve. It sounds like you’ve driven nothing but manual transmissions. What’s your stance on the whole manual vs. automatic debate?

KJL: You mean a mans car vs a women’s car? All my cars have been manual yes. Automatic isn’t for me but I have respect for the automatic I mean all the top drag cars use it. I always poke at my good friend with a evo x mr about the no clutch nonsense.

AWDA: It’s like that meme that just won’t die, someone has to post it at least once. We have no bias, just want to hear it from a new member. How do you like the group so far? Anything you would like to see?

KJL: I’m in disbelief that it’s taken me this long to hear about the group and Finnaly join. I love the idea of an awd group no just a evo group or Subaru group. And I quite enjoy the beef posts with evo vs sti. And I can chime in on that stuff because I’ve had a wrx, sti and now a evo.

AWDA: We know how wild that bunch can get. At the end of the day, it’s all love. No matter what way you look at it. We appreciate you spending some time with us, your Evo is great. Take care of it. Any advice for those building their cars?

KJL: No problem, Thanks for the awsome page for all the awd community. I’ll try my best and currently getting it ready for are harsh manitoba winter. And for anyone else building a car, do what you want build it for your self. Do lots of reading on mods on what works and what can wait.


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